Saturday, September 8, 2012

transcript of texts

between me and lee during the aforementioned birthday party, which all came together quite nicely:

9/7/12 8:38pm - me:  this is not doing wonders 4 my feelings about hoover.  but the girls r having fun so its all good.  :)

9/7/12 8:56pm - lee:  Heehee

9/7/12 8:58pm - me:  uhhhh ur gonna hafta say more than that mister

9/7/12 9:04pm - me:  hi

9/7/12 9:07pm - me:  wut r u doing

9/7/12 9:11pm - lee:  Goo goo

9/7/12 9:12pm - me:  gaga

9/7/12 9:13pm - lee:  Poo poo

9/7/12 9:13pm - me:  mumu

9/7/12 9:14 - lee:  Bored?

9/7/12 9:15 - me:  gourd

(meanwhile, the girls are giving themselves beetlejuice-style makeovers and watching some godawful show about finding the right wedding dress)

9/7/12 9:15 - lee:  Hgtyjryhtu

9/7/12 9:15pm - me:  help me obi wan ur my only hope

9/7/12 9:17pm - me:  shit i think katie just drank some kinda weird flavored water that has caffeine and herbs in it

(now lee starts sending me cell phone pictures of some zombie show he's watching)

9/7/12 9:22 - lee:  Now look at them real fast and it's a show.

9/7/12 9:28pm - me:  uhhh.  i don't get it.

9/7/12 9:42pm - lee:  Pjgfhfhvhkh

(we sleep.  by nine o'clock the next morning, we are at the galleria.  security is starting the escalators and none of the stores are open yet.  suburban mall walkers converge.)

9/8/12 11:59am - me:  holy hub of mass consumerism batman

9/8/12 1:01pm - me:  we r n a store called justice.  never seen so many sequins in 1 place.

9/8/12 1:07pm - lee:  Culture shock birthday.  Leah needs the glitter phase

9/8/12 1:18pm - me:  no sign of a bad economy here

9/8/12 1:20pm - lee:  Dude that's deck!

(feel good about yourself if you don't understand that.  he's making fun of hipsters.)

9/8/12 2:06pm - me:  hoover is bad 4 the soul

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  1. Me: I like this blog. You should rebirth it.