Thursday, September 6, 2012

i'm starting a new blog

one where i just write.

my daughter turned 12 and suddenly she's all skinny jeans and hairbrushes.  she got a flute.  she planned a party.  a spend-the-night in a hotel, build-a-bear party with one friend.  it starts at 4pm tomorrow and ends sometime on saturday.  annnnnd... i haven't figured any of it out yet.  not sure who's picking them up from school, not sure which hotel we're spending the night in, not sure whether you can just show up at the build-a-bear place and start building your bear, or what.  the build-a-bear place is in a gigantic mall which is in the city of hoover which i try my best to avoid at all costs.  the only hotel nearby that i know of is the winfrey, and sorry honey but i am not paying for us to stay in a hotel with bidets.  i don't live on a bidet-style budget.

i'm posting this stuff from here on out with no attention to font, color, links, pictures, or jazz.  this is my minimalist phase.

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